Wingardium Leviosa - Live @ the Cornelia St Cafe

Live at the Cornelia St Cafe with the Arthur Vint Group


Heaven ExcerptRSVP

Matt Vashlishan, Evan Gregor, Bill Goodwin


Where Have You Been? - Alto SoloThe Undiscovered Melodies of Cole Porter

Alto solo excerpt from the live performance at the University of Miami 2009.


Luke 11 - Soprano Solo (Composition by Jim Gasior)

Matt Vashlishan - Soprano (Yamaha 62 with Drake SOS #7 mouthpiece)
Jim Gasior - Piano and Composition
Jamie Ousley - Bass
John Yarling - Drums


Matt playing the Akai EWI4000s

EWI4000s via midi connection using Logic Pro's Mainstage interface and Logic Pro stock synthesizers (manually configured sounds).


Tune For TDLive rehearsal recording

Tune For TD composed and arranged by Matt Vashlishan for Large Jazz Ensemble. Purchase Information on the "Purchase Products" tab.


SailingFour-Horn Arrangement

Matt's composition Sailing (featured on the No Such Thing CD) arranged for four horns (flugel horn, soprano sax, tenor sax, trombone) and rhythm section. Purchase Information available on the "Purchase Products" tab.