Music Engraving by Matt Vashlishan

Music Engraving by Matt Vashlishan

Fully experienced in all types of music notation especially advanced chord changes and polychords, Matt is fully capable of transforming your handwritten or poorly engraved music into clear, easy to read documents. Click below to see various examples of before/after pictures.

*Pricing is now one flat rate of $15/hour. Please email for a project price quote.*

"Matt Vashlishan is by far the best computer guy I have encountered for doing copying. The reason is very simple-he is an outstanding musician(saxophonist) on his own merits who is already ahead of you. This is especially true when you are trying to format a page and do all the changes that are necessary after you see a test run. Matt is at the same time punctual with the work assigned and a very even tempered individual, that being a real asset when working under this kind of presssure. Highly recommended!!"
-David Liebman (

Notable clients: David Liebman, Jamey Aebersold, Advance Music

Original Handwritten Manuscript

Original written manuscript given to for engraving. (copyright David Liebman)

Engraved Manuscript

The same piece and page excerpt now engraved by (copyright David Liebman)

Score Excerpt

This score excerpt is from a piece for Oboe, Soprano sax, Viola and Cello by David Liebman. (copyright David Liebman)

Solo Changes Sheet

This excerpt is a solo chord sheet for a David Liebman composition containing both chord changes as well as some notes given to make improvisation easier. (copyright David Liebman)